Stores implement changes

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Stores implement changes

Thu, 04/02/2020 - 14:02
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Grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies and the post office are all implementing the social distancing rule so that the spread of COVID-19 is less likely to occur. The risk is still present and this can vary by chain and location.

Kay Clinton, manager of the Valero convenience store located at Second Street and Highland Avenue said they have signs posted on their doors limiting the amount of customers to eight people at a time inside the gas station.

“People are reading the signs and following it, too. We also have X’s on the floor inside so that everyone stays the required six-feet apart.”

Damon Curtis, manager of the Triple T at Union and Hartford Avenue said they have not posted signed or placed lines inside the door or on their doors.

“We have slowed down here. We mostly have five to six people inside the store at a time as it is with business this slow.”

Wearing gloves at the gas station pumps can help prevent or protect against corona virus. It is encouraged to consider carrying some disposable nitrile or latex gloves in your car to use when gripping the pump handle. Gas pumps are frequently touched objects that can harbor COVID-19.

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