Heroes in Education: Monica Pratt

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Heroes in Education: Monica Pratt

Sat, 11/21/2020 - 14:05
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Monica Pratt is a first grade teacher at Trout Elementary School. Pratt lived most of her life in Ponca City and attended Ponca City Public Schools as a child and is a Po-Hi graduate. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Relations and Child Development from Oklahoma State University.

As part of Pratt’s graduation requirements, she needed to serve internship hours performing work in her field of study.

Pratt went to work for NOYS as a youth shelter worker and caseworker for the Youth Workforce Investment Act. It was there that she made many contacts and friends that also served our community.

“This is how I ended up going to work for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services as a Child Welfare Investigator,” said Pratt. “In the course of my career, I found my preference to be in working with young children. After having children of my own, I decided the best way to serve children in a way that would benefit both them and my family was to teach them.”

Pratt then completed the necessary steps and testing to become a certified teacher in Early Childhood Education.

“I started my career in teaching with Blackwell Public Schools and soon moved to Ponca Schools where I have Ponca as a first grade teacher since,” said Pratt. “I am honored to be Trout’s teacher of the year for this school year.”

Pratt’s favorite thing about teaching is the children and her family work.

“This year has been more challenging than any we have ever had with COVID,” said Pratt. “Now, more than ever, we are having to learn new ways to teach and serve our children whether that be in person or using technology for distance learning.”

Pratt’s style to teaching is meeting the needs of students and creating bonds with all of them.

“Once an environment is created that all types of learners can feel safe and comfortable, students can learn things that will carry them through life,” said Pratt. “To me, this is the most rewarding part of being a teacher. There are few things better than seeing a child grow and learn while in your care.”

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Heroes in Education: Monica Pratt