Area women sew masks

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Area women sew masks

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 14:00
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MARY LUNN is such a breath of fresh air with her tremendous efforts, along with a couple of other ladies from the Braman Methodist Church and Quilters Group who are sewing masks for Alliance Health Hospital Staff during this time of the COVID-19 outbreak. “I have another 12 masks ready to go, combined with Linda Hinds 12 masks and we are ready to send another shipment to Alliance Health!” said Mary Lunn. “I have breathing issues myself and sewing I can do from home and still contribute to the wonderful healthcare workers.”


Mary Lunn, member of the Braman Methodist Church and Quilters Group, is trying her best to help the community in this difficult time by sewing masks. Her husband, Larry, a woodworker, sent N95 respirator masks from his shop to AllianceHealth Ponca City.

Mary Lunn, Ella Wenman and Leila Hine, all members of the Braman Methodist Church and Quilters Group, are sewing masks from home and combining their homemade masks and sending shipments to AllianceHealth.

“I, myself, have breathing problems, so this is something I can do from home. We have the skills to put to use from home to help,” said Lunn.

“Our mission of the Braman Methodist Church and Quilting Group is to simply help. We are all capable of helping. I can remember my mother telling me she would save light bulbs for the war effort and every little bit helps and we just do what we can.”

Hine, Winman and Lunn are making it their mission to help and sew everyday so that they can send out shipments every Friday to the hospital.

“We have called several hospitals and when we called Ponca City Alliance Health they quickly responded with a yes. They thanked us for what we are doing.”

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