Medicare Part-D open enrollment

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Medicare Part-D open enrollment

Tue, 09/15/2020 - 14:13
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Lilly Freeman and Judy Rupp of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of Kay, County recently met with community volunteers Rich Terrill and Rick Coffelt to finalize plans for the 2021 Medicare Part-D Open Enrollment October 15 thru December 7. Due to coronavirus concerns, a “mail-in” process has been created for all area Medicare recipients. For additional information about this free service please contact Rich Terrill at (580) 763-3308, Rick Coffelt at (580) 763-3273, or Judy Rupp at (580) 382-9099.


The Medicare Part-D prescription drug open enrollment period is October 15 thru December 7. The coronavirus continues to impact our lives and this year it will impact how we address prescription drug comparisons for area Medicare recipients. There will be changes to the new 2021 Medicare Health and Drug Plans. You have the chance to compare your current Medicare coverage to the new 2021 Medicare plans to determine the right plan for you at the lowest possible cost.

To minimize in-person contact, a “mail-in” process is being created for all area Medicare Part-D recipients. This should protect the safety and health of all Medicare recipients as well as our volunteers. Recipients are requested to mail a list of their prescription medications to the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) at 445 Fairview, Suite 101, Ponca City, OK 74601. Judy Rupp of RSVP, with Rich Terrill, Rick Coffelt, and a group of trained volunteers, will complete the computer analysis and report the results back to the individual.

In the next few days, approximately 400 Medicare recipients who used the volunteer service last year should receive a letter in the mail. It will request each individual to complete a list of prescription drugs and return the information to RSVP as soon as possible in an enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope. The information needed is the complete drug name, dosage amount, and the frequency the drug is taken, i.e. once a day, twice a day, etc. If the Medicare recipient has a Account, the User Name and Login ID for the account can be very helpful.

For all other area Medicare recipients that would like to use this free volunteer service, we ask you send your list of medications along with your name, address, and phone number to RSVP at the address above. A computer comparison showing the most cost-effective 2021 Medicare Part-D Plan for you will be printed. In Oklahoma, there are 29 Medicare Part-D Plans from which to choose.

If after the computer comparison, you choose to enroll or change your enrollment to a more cost-effective plan, the volunteers can help. Any questions about this volunteer program should be directed to Rich Terrill at (580) 763-3308, Rick Coffelt at (580) 763-3273, or Judy Rupp at (580) 382-9099.

This free service is sponsored by RSVP of Kay County, the ConocoPhillips Retirees Association, Clark Gerontology Fund, Ponca City Senior Center, United Way of Ponca City, Pioneer Technology Center, and the Ponca City Community Health Foundation.