Cowley, Wichita State continue partnership

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Cowley, Wichita State continue partnership

Sat, 02/08/2020 - 15:41
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Cowley College and Wichita State University signed a 2+2 articulation agreement that will provide Biomedical Engineering students with the opportunity to complete their first two years at Cowley and seamlessly transfer their credits into WSU’s Biomedical Engineering degree.

“It takes everyone working together to make these partnerships possible,” Cowley College president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle said. “It takes an element of both understanding and patience in a time and era where we want to put out the best talent available.”

Wichita State University’s ABET-accredited Biomedical Engineering program integrates physical, chemical and mathematical sciences with engineering principles for the study of biology, medicine, behavior or health.

“I have seen many community college students come through and go into Biomedical Engineering and I am excited now that we have this defined pathway,” Dr. Michael Jurgensen, Associate Professor and Chair of the Biomedical Engineering Department said. “I look forward to seeing more students come through the program from Cowley.”

The pre-engineering program at Cowley provides students with a basic core of subjects designed to apply toward an engineering degree. Pre-engineering students are required to take general education courses as well as mathematics and science courses relating directly to engineering. Students can take courses in the pathway at the Mulvane Science, Engineering and Academic Center and on the main campus in Arkansas City

“Agreements like this really help our students,” Cowley College vice president of academic affairs Dr. Michelle Schoon said. “When they can see a clear pathway, they know they can come to Cowley and take these classes and then go on to Wichita State and finish their degree more likely to complete. It also gets them through college with less debt and a greater chance at being successful.”

Fueled by an aging society, the demand for bioengineers is increasing, a trend expected to continue for years. Graduates of the program go on to graduate studies, medical school or work in industry. Employers of biomedical engineers include pharmaceutical firms, medical equipment manufacturers, hospitals and rehabilitation centers and biomedical research institutes.

“We need a lot of engineers and we need to make sure to give those talented individuals an opportunity to give back to society,” Dr. Rittle said.

Cowley College currently has eight other 2+2 articulation agreements with WSU. The agreements include Business Administration*, Computer Engineering*, Computer Science*, Criminal Justice*, Electrical Engineering*, General Business*, Industrial Engineering*, and Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering*.

Other individuals at the signing were Cowley College Natural Science Department Chair Dr. Scott Layton, Wichita State University Dean of Biomedical Engineering Dr. Dennis Livesay, and WSU’s Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Linnea GlenMaye.