Great performance by PC runners at Ponca City Cross Country Meet

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Great performance by PC runners at Ponca City Cross Country Meet

Tue, 10/20/2020 - 14:26
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Ponca City cross country runners pleased their coach Thursday while running in the annual Ponca City Cross Country meet.

“All teams ran great,” Coach Wendy Landes said about Ponca City’s participation in the event which was run at the Lake Ponca course.

The junior varsity boys team finished in first place in their 5k run, the varsity boys, junior high boys and junior high girls were 2nd and the varsity girls finished in third place.

In the varsity boys competition, Mason Blochowiak and Andrew Mitchell finished in the Top 10. Blochowiak was sixth with a time of 17:51.21 and Mitchell was 8th with a time of 18:16.57. Others running in the event were Karter Hines, 13th, 18:33.11; Burton Miner, 14th, 18:39.69; Joel Menchaca, 15th, 18:51.71; Trey Others, 24th, 19:08.98; and Eiiseo Ramirez, 32nd, 19:47.93.

Kennedy Brown was the top Ponca City runner in the varsity girls 5K run. She finished 13th with a time of 24:19.25; Other runners were Hannah Jennings, 15th, 24:58.94; Krystine Hines, 18th, 25:17.95; Regan Loney, 22nd, 27:48; Kaylee Pruitt, 24th, 29:00.77; Lindsey Alvarez, 25th, 29:13.31; and Brianna Lee, 31st, 31:53.68.

Three junior varsity boys finished in the Top 10 in their 5K race. Chase Allensworth was the event winner with a time of 19:06.08. Stockton Lee finished 7th with a time of 19:48.76 and Traven Scott was 9th with a time of 20:12.34. Other runners were Ryan Sylestine, 11th, 20:19.82; Juan Lopez, 13th, 20:26.42; Jack Busch, 24th, 22:15.44; Alonzo McVay, 30th, 22:54.18; Henry Caniz-Lopez, 32nd, 22:59.40; Braden Ladner, 39th, 24:51.51; Henry Bayha, 42nd 25:32.29; Tristan Feathers, 44th, 26:20.68; Tyler Epperson, 48th, 27:03.82; Cooper Rains, 51st, 28:07.85; Manxe Campbell, 52nd, 28.39.99; and Coby Allensworth, 54th, 33:55.58.

Four junior high girls finished in the Top 10 in their 2-mile run. Jaycee Davis was 4th at 13:31.34; Julia Looper was 6th at 13:47.35, Zoey Waggoner was 8th at 14:26.30 and Callie Jo Vanhoesen was 9th with a time of 14:31.45. Others running were Dezirae Miner, 14th at 15:43.82; Emma Vanhoesen, 16th, 16:02.54; Rylinne Radar, 17th, 16:25.82; Kinley Pappan, 20th, 16:41.77; Tayler Otto, 24th, 18:28; Candace Jackson, 25th, 19:06.45; Lennon Shearer, 26th, 19:06.68; and Chesnee Pratt, 30th, 22:07.16.

In the junior high boys 2 mile race, three finished in the Top 10. AJ Landes was second with a time of 12:30.76, Josue Medrano was 8th with a time of 12:54.50; and Luke Larson was 10th with a time of 13:02.32. Other runners were Sam Ferman, 11th, 13:03.76; Sutton Reynolds, 14th, 13:25.72; Grady Scott, 16th, 13:32.87; Adrian Perez, 17th, 13:42.43; 21st, Julian Aguilar, 21st, 14:01.12; Tristan Sattre, 22nd, 14:37.89; Colton Davidson, 27th, 16:05.53; Jason Devinney, 29th, 16:38.40; and Colton Myatt, 35th, 21:09.18.

Coach Landes said the next event for her team is the Regional Meet on Oct. 24.