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Letter to the Editor

Thu, 11/19/2020 - 14:24
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If a stranger were to visit Oklahoma, turn on ch. 4,5,9, 25, and read our local printed media outlets, that person would believe that Oklahoma is dying off from the Covid virus.

It is certainly not what is happening, but the media is twisting truth into disinformation, causing unneeded alarm amongst the people.

I am in receipt of statistics of causes of death in Oklahoma from the Center of Health at Oklahoma State University. There are average 3.66 deaths in Oklahoma per day from Covid virus. This ranks 8th in causes of daily death in Oklahoma behind Heart Disease at 30 daily deaths for one, and behind other’s such as Cancer, Respiratory Disease, Accidents, Strokes, Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes that all totalled, there are about 85 deaths per day from the top 11 causes that are recorded.

With 140 births per day average in Oklahoma, you see very quickly the birthrate exceeds the death rate in Oklahoma.

So, why does the TV open it’s evening newscast with “Breaking News” about the daily virus numbers, when in actuality, it is not news that surprises anyone.

For Christian American Defenders of Truth, I am; Anton Epp

Ponca City, OK