“It’s all for the children!”

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“It’s all for the children!”

Sat, 10/31/2020 - 13:54
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United Way and the Child Development Center

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One of the mottos the Child Development Center board keeps in the forefront is, “It’s all for the CHILDREN!” We are “United Together” when we emphasize importance of the “early years”, establishing a strong and solid foundation for these young children. The CDC is all about quality learning and tender care for our community’s youngest children. When we plant seeds of hope along with nourishing the relationships formed between parents, child and caregiver/teacher, we encourage a secure and trusting environment where a young child can feel safe and grow to their full potential.

The early childhood environment at the CDC offers all the basic needs to help children succeed and develop at their own pace while encouraging self-help and problem solving skills. Incorporated into lesson plans are many opportunities for language development, which is a top priority at the center. Through the years, many “volunteers” in different capacities have made it possible for the CDC to be what it has matured into today. Community members, who know the importance of a child, have provided invaluable time and talents through reading, sharing a vocation, show and tell opportunities or just spending quality time with a child. Many meaningful relationships have been formed, one of the main inputs we want a child to have very early. Children who grow up in a rich verbal and cognitive setting have an advantage over children who’s caregivers rarely provide these opportunities for the children in their care,” states Mary Beth Hunt, executive director. The center welcomes those who love to share their time and talents with young children.

This non-profit center has many supporters who believe in its mission, which states: The Child Development Center will provide: An affordable high quality pre-school childcare in a nurturing, secure environment. This program emphasized life skills and school readiness through creative learning experiences and development of language and cognitive skills that encourage spiritual, physical, emotional and social growth. .

The CDC provides a sliding scale tuition plan for families struggling to make ends meet. Families must go through a qualification process with total family income and number in the home determining the child’s weekly rate. “Our clients consist of a wide variety of family structures and cultures, where all are respected and valued, bringing a mixture of unique and precious children into our care,” states Mary Beth Hunt, director. The CDC does take children on childcare assistance as well as tribal assistance. All guardians must be working or attending an educational program. Special circumstances to provide respite care are determined on a “need” basis. The center does not provide drop in childcare.

We are “United Together” when our community contributes to our success through the generous donations given to the United Way each year during the annual campaign drive.

We are “United Together” when our community is provided opportunities for better early childhood education. The CDC provides those services for Ponca City with the help of United Way. Hunt, CDC executive director stated, “United Way funding helps us to provide low cost tuition to family’s who struggle to provide quality childcare for their children. Without the help from this amazing and generous community, we would not be able to provide this great opportunity to children and their families”.

“Ponca should be extremely proud of the center they have helped support over the last 50 years. We look forward to continuing the great work of the CDC, but also look forward to growing and building an even better center for the families and children of Ponca City,” states Mary Beth Hunt

The volunteer board members at the center are diligent in continuing this mission by giving unselfish service. Opportunities vary according to the different needs of the facility. Volunteers help with the “FLAMINGO FLOCKING” and the annual “FLITE of the FLAMINGO” Golf Tournament. All funds generated from these two fundraisers are used to carry out the center’s mission for children.

Help our community be “United Together” by donating to the Ponca City United Way!

CDC “Volunteer” board members: President, Erica Fetters, Treasurer, Craig Poet, Secretary, Marsha Orr, Executive Director, Mary Beth Hunt. Community members: Natalie Prather, Kimber Bivins, Will Oldfield, Laura Peitz, Brook Lindsay, Amy Swartz, Vicki Braden, Jenn Miller, Rusty Gott. Church representatives: Joanne Robison, Sharla Lambring, Katie Gross, Ila McKee, and Mary Ann Holt.

The CDC is seeking volunteer board members who what to make change to IMPROVE the LIVES of young children.

United Way helps support the following partner agencies and initiatives: American Red Cross, Boy Scouts-Cimarron Council, Child Development Center, Heartline 2-1-1, Domestic Violence Program of North Central Oklahoma, Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma, Golden Villa Adult Day Services, New Emergency Resource Agency, Northern Oklahoma Youth Services, Peachtree Landing, RSVP, The Salvation Army, Smart Start Kay County, and the YMCA.