Laureate Phi of Beta Sigma Phi meeting

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Laureate Phi of Beta Sigma Phi meeting

Fri, 11/20/2020 - 13:25
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Laureate Phi of Beta Sigma Phi met recently in the home of Virginia Starks with president Donna Rubio as her co-hostess. This was a business meeting for the chapter this month.

Beginning Day gathering was held at the Cann Garden Center outside with gift given by Donna Rubio to Terri Buesing who had served as president of chapter for many years. new officers for the chapter were selected for the coming year: Donna Rubio, President; Terri Buesing, Vice President; Virginia Starks, Recording Secretary; Robin Cnossen, Treasurer; Carolyn Chanslor, Corresponding Secretary. Committees were also selected by members to serve on at this time.

Later in month of September, members and spouses met at local Mexican restaurant for dinner and then to Braums for ice cream.

In the month of October members joined together to help Robin Cnossen’s daughter, Kristin, with her wedding at the Marland Mansion.

At this November meeting, no treasurer’s report was given but Terri Buesing, Service Chair ,presented several projects that she had in mind for the chapter to consider for Christmas with several suggestions from the members as to how we might accomplish some of these projects. Terri will report back with firm plans for the Christmas project. Items were also given to her for distribution to Bridgeway.

Virginia Starks will be Program Chair for coming year.

Social Committee decided jointly on suggestion of older members that they not meet again until December 6th Christmas party at Robin and Jack Cnossen’s due to Thanksgiving and COVID virus.

Billie Huddleston will have meeting in January.

Traveling basket was given by Carolyn Chanslor to Donna Rubio.

Program was given by Virginia Starks concerning what to do if one is alone and feels a heart attack coming on. Description was given on how to give CPR to oneself until one can reach help or hospital. Cough, breathe deeply, cough, breathe deeply and continue doing this until help arrives. She also gave several short readings - one entitled, “If A Dog Were Your Teacher.”

Members were given portions of the White Chili that had been prepared for an earlier meeting in the month that had to be canceled due to the ice storm.

Meeting closed with the Closing Ritual repeated by all.