Annual Spring Cleanup – April 14-21, 2018

The annual Spring Cleanup event is your opportunity to pretty up around your house and yard. This can include cleaning up all the stuff accumulated since last spring or breaking out that new flower or vegetable bed. Spring Cleanup is for Ponca City residents only. The Solid Waste crews will pick up most trash and haul it away, or residents […]

Ponca City Emergency Management – Winter Weather Awareness Tips

Have A Plan:  Discuss with your family what to do if a winter storm watch or warning is issued.  Ensure your family knows meeting places and phone numbers of other family members in case they are separated when a winter storm hits.  Know what to do if basic services such as water, gas, electricity or telephones are […]

Ponca City Utility Authority – Getting Energy Ready For Winter

When cold weather approaches, use this checklist of simple ways to make your home more comfortable and keep those escalating energy bills at bay. Check for Leaks Check around doors and windows for leaks and drafts. Weather stripping and caulking is probably the least expensive, simplest, most effective way to cut down on energy waste in the winter. Improperly sealed homes can […]

Development Services – Who Can Buy Flood Insurance?

The simple answer is EVERYONE! If your home is in the floodplain, banks require that you purchase flood insurance for the life of your loan. Because of this, many people have come to believe that flood insurance is strictly for those homeowners. But anyone living in Ponca City can purchase flood insurance – and it’s a really good idea Did […]

Ponca City Emergency Management – Plan for a Winter Storm

With winter weather comes the need to prepare your home, automobile and family to deal with the colder temperatures, as well as the possibility for snow and ice. In recent years Oklahoma has experienced some devastating ice storms. Below are some winter weather preparedness tips. Develop a Family Disaster Plan for winter storms. Discuss with your family what to do if a […]

Ponca City Emergency Management – Autumn Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

We all accept the possibility of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in the spring. These weather events are fairly common each April through June. We are less prepared for a “second” severe weather season that takes place in October and November. Fall tornadoes tend to be slightly less strong and violent than those that occur in the spring. About 20% of fall tornadoes are rated […]

Ponca City Emergency Management – “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” during an earthquake!

“SHAKE OUT DRILL” OCTOBER 19 AT 10:19 A.M. Wherever you are, protect yourself during an earthquake! Here’s why rescuers and experts recommend that you “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” during an earthquake: Trying to move during shaking puts you at risk: Earthquakes occur without any warning and may be so violent that you cannot run or crawl; you therefore will […]

Ponca City Emergency Management – Wherever you are, protect yourself during an earthquake!

“SHAKE OUT DRILL” OCTOBER 19 AT 10:19 A.M. Wherever you are, protect yourself during an earthquake! Indoors: Drop, cover, and hold on. Drop to the floor, take cover under a sturdy desk or table, and hold on to it firmly. Be prepared to move with it until the shaking stops. If you are not near a desk or table, drop […]

Oklahoma Earthquake Hazards

2010 was an active year for earthquakes in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Geological Survey has recorded more than 200 earthquakes which occurred in Oklahoma. There have been nearly 60 earthquakes which were felt. This is a much greater number than in years past. The seismicity at this point appears consistent with normal background seismicity. Presently, the number of Earthquakes recorded in […]

Ponca City Emergency Management – September Is National Preparedness Month! – Part 3

National Preparedness Month 2017 provides you with three easy steps you can take to be more prepared for your local hazards. You have seen steps 1 and 2. This week we look at Step 3-Be Informed. Being informed can include a lot of things. What things should you know that will help your disaster response? Step 3: Be Informed Know what your […]

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