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Healthy changes are coming to how we deliver the News

As we take over the helm and carry on the legacy of the Ponca City News, we can’t help but wax nostalgic as we learn more about the roots of this newspaper, and the Muchmore family’s hard work, dedication, and service to this community over the generations via her pages.

Some 126 years of history have been chronicled and archived thanks to the tireless and noble work of Clyde E. Muchmore, Publisher (1919-1959), Gareth B. Muchmore, Editor (1947-1983), Allan W. Muchmore, Editor and Publisher (1983-1997) and Tom Muchmore, Editor and Publisher (1997-2018).

It’s a humbling responsibility to ensure their work was not in vain, and to continue the News’ service to our readers, advertisers, and this community.

This new team is up to the challenge and pledges to navigate the ever-changing waters of newspaper publishing to ensure this newspaper doesn’t just survive when so many community newspapers have shut their doors… but thrive.

We too have Oklahoma roots and we are committed to running this newspaper consistent with traditional Oklahoma values.

To that end, we’re announcing a couple of major changes that are necessary as this new team goes about the business of serving this community and honoring the Muchmore family legacy.

Our talented and dedicated staff is fully committed to implementing them for the betterment and longevity of this community’s newspaper.

First, we are partnering with the United States Postal Service to deliver your newspaper directly to your mailbox “come rain, snow, sleet or shine.” We’re going to leverage their logistics and delivery prowess to ensure timely delivery of your newspaper. The USPS is the best and most tenured logistics operation in the business. We will utilize their expertise and professionalism to deliver your newspaper on time, every time.

The change from carrier delivery to mail delivery results in an exciting development regarding your Sunday edition. Because mail doesn’t deliver on Sunday, what is now your Sunday edition will become a Saturday/Sunday weekend edition delivered directly to your mailbox on Saturdays.

The format for this new weekend edition will be the same as you’ve come to enjoy in your current Sunday newspaper. News coverage, columnists, features, activities, and sports coverage will be wrapped up and ready for you to enjoy even earlier.

Second, we will begin to publish five days a week with a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday “weekend edition” schedule. This new schedule will give our reporters more time out in the community covering local news that truly matters and directly impacts the citizens of this community.

We’ll continue to provide pertinent national and world news items, but this change will result in your newspaper becoming more robust and hyper-local. Our reporters will have more time out in the community to cover events and gather story leads, to be in the schools covering non-sports-related activities, to meet with business and community leaders, and to conduct our very important “watch dog” responsibility on your behalf for city and county governments.

The delivery method and schedule change will be effective with your Tuesday, January 8 edition. That will be the first week of the new Tuesday through Friday and weekend edition schedule. Please look in your mailbox that day for your precious cargo, this newspaper, delivered by your dedicated postal carrier.

As questions are sure to arise regarding these extremely important changes, following is a Q & A of what we expect to be common questions for your convenience.

We welcome you to call 580.765.3311 and speak with myself or a member of our team should you have additional questions.

We believe strongly that this newspaper belongs to this community. We’re just stewards of it.

On behalf of the stewards that get it done day in and day out, our folks, we would like to sincerely thank each and every reader, advertiser, and this community for their faith and support.

We promise to continue to make good decisions that will allow us to earn that faith and support five days a week, 52 weeks a year for generations to come… come rain, snow, sleet or shine, thanks to your local postal carrier beginning January 8.

Circulation questions and answers

Q: Will I be receiving my paper the same day of publication?

A: All 746 zip codes, which include the communities of Ponca City, Newkirk, Blackwell, and Tonkawa among others, will receive same day delivery. In addition, the Osage and rural 746 areas will receive same day delivery.

Q: Will the news I’m receiving in my paper continue to be current?

A: Yes. With deadline adjustments and new late evening press times, your news will be just as timely as you’re accustomed to. Because we print our own newspaper, we have the ability to hold press times for breaking news and information as necessary. We become a morning edition vs. the current afternoon format.

Q: Will I receive high school football scores and coverage in my new weekend edition delivered on Saturday?

A: Yes. We will be adjusting our press times to ensure you receive scores and coverage of Friday night High School football in time to enjoy in your weekend edition.

Q: Will the cost of my subscription be increased?

A: No. There will be no circulation rate increases as a result of this delivery change. Going to a five day a week schedule provides the room we needed to compensate for the dramatic increase in paper and ink costs our industry has incurred over the past year. This allowed us to hold rates as they currently exist without any increase whatsoever. Remember, you’ll receive the same amount of coverage and content in five packed editions as we increase our page counts.

Q: Will the new weekend edition that arrives in my mailbox on Saturday be the same format as my current Sunday edition?

A: Yes. All features, activities, columnists, etc. that you enjoy with your current Sunday edition will be included in the new Saturday/Sunday weekend edition.

Q: What if I have a different mailing address than where my paper is currently being delivered?

A: Please contact our office immediately so we can update your account to ensure you’re receiving your newspaper where you would like to receive it.

Q: What if I have other questions or concerns about these changes?

A: We are committed to answering all questions and addressing all concerns. Please call our office at 580.765.3311 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and we will take all the time you need. Also, please feel free to call or email our publisher, Josh Umholtz, or our circulation manager, Kevin Kreger. Their respective email addresses are josh@poncacitynews.com and kkreger@poncacitynews.com.

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