Ponca City, OK

Shelter Registration Program

A safe room or underground shelter is the best place to be during severe weather. But what happens if a storm leaves debris and you are unable to escape your safe place? In response to community concerns, the City of Ponca City has initiated a program to ensure your safety after the storm has passed.

Ponca City Emergency Management is compiling a list of all storm shelters in the City. Both underground shelters and safe rooms will be included on the list. Residents are asked to complete the registration form below or go online to www.poncacityok.gov and submit the information to have their shelter location placed on the master list.

In the event of a damaging storm, it is important to have a personal contact that can also perform this function. During emergencies, the police force is taxed with numerous calls and may not be immediately available to check your shelter. Identify a friend or family member who can be responsible to check on your safety.

Individuals interested in this program should complete the registration form below. Be sure to include an emergency phone number, someone that should be contacted if you are injured. Describe the exact location of your shelter in detail, including what area of house, garage or yard your shelter can be found. Remember, a tornado could leave your neighborhood unrecognizable. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to locate you. If GPS coordinates are available, list them. For more information, contact Paula Cain, Ponca City Emergency Management at 767-0380.

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