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Seeking Summer Activities for Kids

United Way of Ponca City is joining forces with Ponca City Chamber of Commerce and Phillips66 to prepare a publication promoting summer activities and services available for children 18 and under in the Ponca City area. Deadline for activity submission is March 26.

There is no charge for organizations, businesses, agencies, churches, schools, etc. to submit information for this publication. For those planning summer activities, services or assistance of any type for families of children under 18 e-mail details to Krista Urioste, United Way Administrative Assistant at uwadmin@cableone.net

Copies of this publication will be sent home with Ponca City students near the end of the 2017-18 school year. Electronic and paper copies of this publication will be made available to families in surrounding communities.

In addition to describing the service or activity that will be offered, also include details such as the age group to be served, fees that apply, dates and times. Also include contact information for parents who have further questions. If final details are not known, send what is available. An opportunity for proofing and editing is possible before printing.

Questions about this publication may be directed to Urioste at the email address listed above or by calling the United Way of Ponca City at 580-765-2476.

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