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Register Now for Milling Technician Vocational Certification

ARKANSAS CITY — Just one year ago, Cowley College introduced a new, one-year vocational certificate program, and the first students will graduate later this summer.

A combination of mechatronics and wheat flour milling courses, the Milling Technician Vocational Certificate program enrolled new students in both semesters this past year.

The fully-online course of study is a partnership between the campus and the International Association of Operative Millers, a professional society dedicated to providing education and training to millers worldwide.

With two semesters of coursework and an internship at a flour mill, successful completion of the program will prepare students for positions as trained technicians working in a flour mill.

The innovative approach is designed to help meet industry demand and connects students to career opportunities after completing just two semesters and the internship. Potential careers in the industry span the globe, with milling technician yearly salaries in the U.S. beginning at $40,000.

All courses earn college credits and are delivered in an online format so that students do not need to be on campus to take the courses.

A combination of mechatronics and milling courses, studies during the two semesters of courses will include basic math needed for the mill environment, as well as an overview of equipment, electronics and electricity, and pneumatic fundamentals.

Students will be introduced to the milling process, wheat characteristics, the industry, and the various requirements of the gradual reduction process in making wheat flour. Quality assessments will be an integral part of studies.

At the conclusion of the courses, candidates will complete a 250 hour internship at a commercial flour mill.

Full course descriptions and enrollment information can be found at www.cowley.edu/milling.

To enroll in the program, contact Bev Frank or Daniel Higdon at arkcitycte@cowley.edu or call them at 620-441-5279. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

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