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Ponca City Emergency Management – How You Can Help On Ozone Alert DaysFree Access

Ground-level ozone is hard to control, because a lot of the problem is caused by weather.

However, ground-level ozone forms when the weather is right and there are other pollutants.

Many of these pollutants we can help control; here is how you can help.

  • Combine trips when driving, avoid driving when you can, use public transportation, or carpool.
  • Refuel vehicles, lawn equipment, and gas cans carefully and avoid spilling. It’s also best to refuel in the evening when the air is cooler and ozone is less likely to form.
  • Avoid idling your vehicle. Idling emits more pollutants than restarting a warm motor.
  • Avoid mowing your lawn during ozone alerts and try to mow in the evening. Lawn mowers create more pollution than cars! You can also help by using greener lawn equipment, like
    battery powered mowers.

These small things can make a big difference! You can find out if you are under an ozone alert by checking the National Weather Service website for warnings or alerts, and often local news.

Stay safe and aware this summer!

Contact: Paula Cain, Emergency Management Director, 767-0380

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