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When you have an emergency need, the goal of the City Police Department is to get help to you as quickly as we can. Having the right information on hand can help us do our job more efficiently and get the best help to you as soon as possible.

During an emergency, you may not be able to tell us about yourself. Partners in Awareness (PTA) collects information such as whom to contact for you in case of an emergency, the name of your family doctor, medications you need to take or special needs you may have, such as whether you are confined to a bed or wheelchair, whether you need assistance with walking, or whether you depend on an uninterrupted supply of electricity for life-support equipment.


If you have any questions about this program, please direct your calls to the Police Department at 580-767-0370 and ask for Public Information Officer Sherry Bowers or Chief Don Bohon.

Partners in Awareness

We at the Ponca City Police Department are concerned with the needs of all of our citizens. Many citizens over the age of 60 years live alone; some have family that live a distance away or they have little contact with friends.

Partners in Awareness is a joint effort of your Police Department and RSVP to identify those in our neighborhoods who may have special needs in case of an emergency or disaster.

How it all got started…

The Ponca City Police Department started its voluntary elderly registration program in the early ‘90s as a result of a number of distressing situations in which citizens were either taken very ill and unable to communicate with first responders, or situations where an unattended death had occurred and no one knew who to contact about it.

Many of our senior citizens live alone and may have no close family or friends nearby; even their neighbors may not know them well enough to help in a crisis. First responders to the scene look for information on critical health issues the person may be facing, and they need to know next of kin or whom that person would want contacted. Too often precious time is lost if first responders must search for information that can get that person the best help. Partners in Awareness was started to help meet that need by enabling citizens to provide valuable personal information ahead of time.

We encourage you to participate in this vital program!

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