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NOC Communication Student Participates in CEC Internship

NORTHERN OKLAHOMA student Michael Gilmore, communications major, directs a video shoot in the Cultural Engagement Center on September 27. (Photo provided)

NORTHERN OKLAHOMA student Michael Gilmore, communications major, directs a video shoot in the Cultural Engagement Center on September 27. (Photo provided)

TONKAWA — Northern Oklahoma College communication major Michael Gilmore is participating in an internship with the NOC Cultural Engagement Center.

Gilmore films special event hosted in the Cultural Engagement Center (CEC), edits the footage, and posts videos to the Center’s social media platforms. The CEC supports Native American students and low-income students through retention and graduation efforts.

So far, Gilmore has filmed a Cherokee language preservation workshop and a Native American mentor panel.

Gilmore said, “This internship has really opened my eyes to how connected and empathetic people can be to each other if we just open up and listen instead of closing each other off. I think the CEC on campus is doing a great job of that, as an outsider to Tonkawa looking in. At least in my circles back home in the city, we don’t really talk much about the cultures of the Native Americans that live here. That might just be because I’m not native myself, but it’s been very enlightening to be a part of this project.”

Gilmore arrived at NOC with skills he learned as a high school student attending Francis Tuttle Technology Center’s (FTTC) Broadcast Video Production program. Gilmore commented, “This internship is very similar to the work that I did at Francis Tuttle, so I felt very comfortable jumping behind the camera. It’s helping me keep my skills sharp so I will be comfortable doing my job when I’m able to get into the industry.”

Scott Haywood, NOC Communication faculty member, has supervised Gilmore’s internship.

Haywood says, “Michael is a great student, and he knows no limits in his ambition. I have let him take the lead on this project. We discuss what will be in the best interest of the CEC, and then go from there.”

The internship is building skills that will keep Gilmore up-to-date with industry standards in equipment and software. Funding from NOC’s Title III Native American Serving, Non-Tribal Institute (NASNTI) grant and the WICHE/Lumina Foundation has allowed the communication department to purchase a video camera and Mac computer with the latest edition software.

Gilmore stated, “I wouldn’t be able to afford the camera, computer, and software myself. I always love handling new cameras, and wanted to learn Adobe Premiere for years, but never had the finances for it.”

He credits Haywood as being a great help during the internship. Gilmore said, “Mr. Haywood knows that babying me would defeat the purpose of the internship. He’s letting me be independent in a way that Francis Tuttle never allowed and it’s a great change of pace. He’s always available if I have any questions, and has been a great help leading up to the dates we filmed.”

Gilmore, an Edmond native, graduated from Edmond North High School in 2017. During Gilmore’s junior and senior year, he attended FTTC. Gilmore placed second in the Broadcast News Team national competition at the 2017 Business Professionals of American conference in Orlando, FL.

After graduating from NOC in May 2019, Gilmore plans to attend the University of Central Oklahoma.

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