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We’re not a handout….we ‘re a hand up





Ponca Habitat improves the quality of lives and the community by assisting families in building and owning decent and adequate housing

Habitat families must help with the house — earning 350 hours of ‘sweat equity’ — and they must make house payments.

Habitat Families can earn their sweat equity by working at the Habitat ReStore.

Habitat supports the families even after they become homeowners. We provide guidance on budgeting, repairing and upkeep of the house.

ReStore Community Benefits
Material donations come mostly from individuals doing remodeling and the home improvement stores and lumber yards

Customers are remodelers, bargain hunters and rental landlords

The store provides an important community service by recycling materials instead of the materials ending up in the landfill.

The Habitat ReStore sells used, recycled building materials. Profits go to build Habitat homes.

The store is located at 117 W Central in the old Granary. Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9-2 for donations.

The store sells windows, doors, hardware, tools, electrical Fixtures, plumbing, appliances, some Furniture and miscellaneous items.

Provides “adequate” housing and replaces substandard housing.

Provides a way for volunteers to care for people and value others.

Provides a way for volunteers to build and create something (homes) in the community.

Improves neighborhoods and the community by upgrading neighborhood homes.

Provides a way to build character and work ethic in families (and volunteers too.)

The cost of each house is around $55,000. This amount includes donated items for the home, but not volunteer labor costs. Each home has a 20-year note with no interest charges.

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