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KAY COUNTY Election Board secretary Cheryl Howard and assistant board secretary Carol Leaming say all is ready for the two elections to be held 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday in Kay County. In one election, City of Blackwell voters will decide on fourteen propositions regarding changes to the city charter. In the second election, registered Republican voters living in County Commissioner District No. 1 will decide which of five candidates will face Democratic party candidate John Leven in the November general election. See story on Page 2 for precinct locations. (News Photo by Rolf Clements)

NEWKIRK — On Tuesday registered Republicans in Kay County District No. 1 will go to the polls and select a Republican candidate to take on Democrat John Leven in November for the vacant county commissioner seat.

Those on Tuesday’s ballot are Jerald Stone, Jay Kirkendall, Jack Godberson, Allen Hardesty, and Duane Cap.

Blackwell voters have 14 charter changes to vote on.

For questions call the election board at 580-362-2130.


Blackwell Municipal Election
202 — First Christian Church 306 E. Coolidge. Blackwell
205 — First Baptist Church 1st & Bridge Ave. Blackwell
206 — Methodist Church 6th & Coolidge Ave. Blackwell

Commissioner District No. 1 Election
400 — Masonic Lodge 88 Boaz, Newkirk
407 — Kildare School 1265 Church St. Kildare
411 — Kildare School 1265 Church ST. Kildare
412 — Community Building 300 Morgan Sq. Kaw City
413 — Presbyterian Church 14th & Grand Ave. Ponca City
419 — Community Christian Church 2109 W. Grand Ave.Ponca City
420 — Ranch Drive Volunteer Fire Dept. 3454 S. Ranch Dr.Ponca City
517 — St. Mary’s Parish Hall 408 S. 8th. Ponca City
532 — Woodlands Christian Church, 1400 E. Hartford Ave. Ponca City
533 — St. Luke’s Church of the Nazarene 1715 E. Prospect Ave. Ponca City
534 — Northeast Baptist Church 2200 N. Pecan Rd. Ponca City
535 — 1st Assembly of God, 2313 E. Prospect Ave., Ponca City

To view the ballots and for election results visit poncacity.com/election 

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