Ponca City, OK

Announcing an Anniversary

  • If submitting this form by hand, please type or print legibly in ink.
  • If the couple does not reside in Ponca City or surrounding area, please provide information stating the
    connection or reason for publishing in The News; e.g., former residents, parents or grandparents reside here,
  • Names of family members related by marriage (such as a stepmother or stepfather) are welcome and can be
    included at the couple’s discretion.
  • PHOTOGRAPHS: For best publication results please provide a good quality photograph with a light to medium
    tone background. You may submit it either as an attachment to this email or as a hard copy which we can scan
    and save. If submitting a print, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you wish the photograph to
    be returned by mail to you.

Fill Out Our Anniversary Announcement Form Below or Download a Copy to Print & Fill Out

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