A Tragic Hero Takes His Leave

CHARLESTON, S.C. — People who experienced the phenomenon of Charles D. “Pug” Ravenel can’t have helped wondering what might have been — if only he had won. But Pug, who died last week, didn’t win. In his political career, he lost and lost — and then lost some more. Which surprised everyone who knew him because Pug had always been […]

In a Hole,PresidentStill Digging

Does President Donald Trump really think it’s a good idea to tweet bold threats at lawmakers whose votes he is trying to woo? Or is picking Twitter fights just his sneaky way to avoid having to actually read the legislation that he wants them to vote for? How else do we explain his erratic way of winning friends and alienating […]

The United States Reached Its Turning Point in 1917

The American president was a romantic, a visionary, even a utopian. He was not without flaws; his racial views were offensive for his time, repugnant for ours. But he believed in human rights and the sanctity of human life. And he had a broad view of natural rights, and they included the freedom of the seas and the virtue of […]

Mullen – Sorry, But We’re Out Of Time

I flipped through the morning television shows this week and I didn’t know who any of their “famous” guests were. Obviously, I am not watching enough TV. “Here’s what’s-his-name, the star of that new hit show on our network! So everyone wants to know: When’s the baby due?” I have never seen the new hit show, so I didn’t know […]

Tucker – Hostility Is All About Money

MOBILE, Alabama — At home here on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, we used our air conditioning over the winter almost as much as we used the heat. Mobile may not have had a record-setting winter, but it’s been unusually warm. On Christmas Day, the city recorded a historic high temperature of 80 degrees, which broke the record of 79 degrees that […]

Lambro – Trump’s Chaotic Launch Is Mostly His Own Fault

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s job approval polls are plunging to historic lows as voters realize that he may not be able to keep some of his top campaign promises. The Gallup Poll, one of the oldest and most respected surveys in American politics, reported this week that his approval rating was a dismal 40 percent. While Gallup said that was […]

Range Of Outcomes Wide Open

Trumpism is in crisis. This isn’t a function of poll numbers, or any melodrama of the past months, but something more fundamental: No officeholder in Washington seems to understand President Donald Trump’s populism or have a cogent theory of how to effect it in practice, including the president himself. House Speaker Paul Ryan isn’t a populist and doesn’t want to […]

Reaction to Pence Story Shows Christians Face Double Standard

I’ve heard numerous versions of this story, but I’ll go with the one reportedly told by Dr. Abraham Twerski, a renowned psychiatrist and Orthodox rabbi. (I’ve trimmed and paraphrased it a bit.) The bearded Twerski goes to the airport in his Hasidic garb — the hat, the long coat, the buttoned white shirt. Another Jew, this one modernly dressed, is […]

Can Democrats Save Trump?

After President Donald Trump’s first legislative battle, a deplorably stingy attempt to repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, went down without a vote in the House, I wondered: What happened to all of the “winning”? “We are gonna win, win, win,” Trump had promised at a National Rifle Association convention in Louisville last May, among other locations. […]

I’m Freeloading on Your Boat

Driving up Chicago’s famed Lake Shore Drive the other day, I found myself boxed in by four SUVs, all hauling boats of different shapes, sizes and price tags, all bound for their summer homes in one of the city’s lakefront harbors. Like pigeons that descend on a stray bit of food dropped in a public park, nautical vessels in the […]