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Underground Utilities Near Airport Industrial Park Gets PCDA Approval


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Approval was given by the Trustees of the Ponca City Development Authority at the April meeting to pay the City of Ponca City to move the utilities near the Airport Industrial park underground.

This expense was a part of the preparation in the Airport Industrial Park to allow the delivery of the extremely large vessels of MJ and H Fabrication to customers without interrupting power to other Ponca City businesses or industries. The payment was $98,801.

Other than routine motions on minutes and payment of claims the only other item of business discussed in open session, was an announcement after the executive session, that the trustees had again declined an offer by Mary Grace Lebeda for the 137 acreage in the West Ranch industrial park.

David Myers, PCDA Executive Director, called on staffer Lori Henderson to announce the unofficial word from the Federal grant to aid the rehabilitation of the Center City Building has been approved.

The building was recently gifted to the PCDA by Irish Realty of Oklahoma City. The building on Central was originally built as the Frontier Federal Savings and Loan headquarters.

Another piece of news for City Center is there will be an 800 square foot of space devoted to a “veteran’s coffee bunker area.”

The space is to be used for an area where veterans can get together, drink coffee and visit with other veterans. This type of activity has been a success in Tulsa and other areas. Randal Coon, the Veterans rep with the Oklahoma Employee Security Commission, is to oversee the project.

Myers called on Laurence Beliel to report on the progress of Log 10 in the Airport Industrial Park. He reported Log 10 is finishing up the blend plant and will be moving out of the incubator space at Pioneer Technology Center to join the rest of the Log 10 facility.

Myers told about continuing efforts on repairing the roof of the PCDA owned hangar adjacent to the Ponca City Airport. The hangar has been rented by the UML for activities in April and part of May.

Liz Pershing of PoncaWorks, told of the activities related to the Cookies and Careers project and the upcoming Girl Power Camp. These projects are designed to train youngsters for career paths and enrich the Ponca City area workforce.

Katherine Long described the upcoming Pitch Off project, during Small Business month. This project was a success last year rewarding those participating about steps involved in developing a business.

Reporting on the recent job fair, Long said 11 employers participated and about 150 job seekers attended including some from Smith Bits. A warn notice of closing the Smith plant has now been issued and October appears to the target closing date for the Ponca City plant.

Trustee Natalie Fraser told of the progress of the marketing committee including developing a logo, video and other marketing tools.

Myers noted the president and vice president of the Economic Development Accreditation team were in town last week. He expressed appreciation for the trustees and officials spending time with them.

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