Ponca City, OK

Girl Power Gets Into Workforce

Editor’s Note: This story comes from Liz Pershing of PoncaWorks.

During the summer of 2015, PoncaWorks, a program of the Ponca City Development Authority, ventured into the world of workforce development through career pathways with an exciting summer camp called Girl Power — Girls Adventuring into Manufacturing, Science and Technology.

Like many communities around the United States, Ponca City and the surrounding area was facing a skilled workforce shortage and misalignment. Local businesses often struggle to fill highly skilled or technical positions.

PoncaWorks’ mission is to assist wealth-producing businesses with finding talent, but realized that satisfying the workforce would require tapping into previously overlooked candidate pools such as women. This need for additional candidates for skilled and technical positions prompted the creation of Girl Power.

Girl Power is a week long day camp experience for a select group of incoming 8th grade girls intended.

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