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Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Lyons - Denying Reality Won’t Make Pit Bulls Any Less Dangerous



Some years ago, I visited the local Boys Club early one morning. There had been a break-in. Two young brothers had gotten caught making off with pool balls and cues. They weren’t going to be arrested, merely suspended. Police phoned their mother. It must have taken 10 minutes to persuade her to come get them. She kept insisting it was a case of mistaken identity. Her sons were at home with her the whole time.


The cop kept saying, “Ma’am, I keep trying to tell you we’ve got them right here.” They finally had to put one of her sons on the line to make her quit fabricating alibis.


I kept thinking of that incident during recent encounters with what it’s tempting to call the Pit Bull Cult. You see, I’d written a column about an unprovoked attack on my two dogs by an unleashed pit on city park playground. Because my dogs are 120-pound Great Pyrenees who spent nine years guarding livestock (and cats) on our farm, they were never in danger.


Rather, the danger was that they would maim or kill the pit in front of a bunch of little kids. Thanks to the brave intervention of two young fathers, that didn’t happen.


One big, strong fellow reached into the melee and lifted the pit off the ground by his collar. Later, I talked to a Little Rock cop, but his attitude was no harm, no foul.


I should have pressed harder, because the pit was seriously crazy. It was the canine equivalent of a welterweight jumping Vladimir and Vitali Klitschko, the Ukrainian heavyweight boxing champions. Also, sane male dogs don’t attack bitches.


I ended the column asking rhetorically what might have happened if I’d been walking a cocker spaniel. “Possibly this breed has a place in today’s world, although I can’t think what it is … It wouldn’t trouble me if it were illegal.”


Of course in many places, it already is.


Besides, this is only partly a dog column. It’s also about several things that have gone wrong in American political dialogue: dogmatism, disdain for facts, black-and-white thinking, name-calling and generalized hatred of rival tribes.


Also, the bad effects of social media. People just don’t abuse each other in person the way they do on social media. It’s a coward’s idea of tough.


Here’s what I think has happened: Animal shelters from sea to shining sea are filled to bursting with pit bulls and pit mixes either confiscated from or surrendered by people who never should have owned them. Compassionate dog lovers who volunteer at those shelters have persuaded themselves that these wonderful animals — as many of them surely are — need to be protected from mean-spirited people who’ve noticed the breed’s propensity for unprovoked and deadly attacks on animals and people.


But it’s not “racist” to generalize. Biologically, race and breed are near opposites. Dog breeds are among the oldest forms of human engineering: Pit bulls were engineered to fight.


Nor is it just bad owners. Some are cruel and stupid, others merely naive. But sometimes it’s just the dog.


Aggression could be bred out of pits with strong laws and consistent effort, but not by people who deny reality.


Reality being that pit bulls are responsible for the vast majority of fatal human attacks in the U.S. It doesn’t matter if I’m an old man who will die soon, as several pit cultists told me, whether I have “masculinity issues,” a tendency toward pedophilia, remind them of Donald Trump, nor even if “Cydni” kicks my teeth in, as she vowed.


The website “recorded 31 fatal dog attacks in 2016. Pit bulls contributed to 71 percent (22) of these deaths, just over 7 times more than the next closest dog breed.”


The cult has two objections: Pits are not an AKC-recognized breed. Hence in a pinch, it can be argued that they don’t really exist — perfectly circular reasoning, but who’s keeping score?


Also, is not a “scientific, peer-reviewed” site. Run by Coleen Lynn, who survived a 2007 pit attack, it doesn’t pretend to be. Lynn compiles and tabulates media reports of fatal and near-fatal dog attacks, provides links to the original news stories, and tracks court cases.


So take the DogsBite challenge: Google “fatal pit bull attacks” for any city or state you choose.


In Atlanta: Three kids attacked at a school bus stop.


In New York: “A pair of pit bulls left Francesco Bove so badly mutilated that a priest read him his last rites outside a New York church.”


Pit attacks appear to be a regular feature of Chicago life. Even down home in nearby and neighborly Greenbrier, Arkansas. But hey, the victim in that case was 75. One foot in the grave, although he could end up losing it.


All isolated incidents and “fake news,” pit lovers insist.


Now where have we heard that before?




(Arkansas Times columnist Gene Lyons is a National Magazine Award winner and co-author of “The Hunting of the President” (St. Martin’s Press, 2000). You can email Lyons at

Posted By: On: 3/23/2017

Title: Gene Pyons has no credibility

I've read other articles by this man that were equally as stupid - one insulted pit bull owners if I remember correctly, which I think is funny because as a owner of at least 2 dogs over 120 pounds, he would fall into the same category of dog owner that are negatively characterized right along with the pit bull owners. Big, powerful dogs are dangerous and if you own you have serious personality flaws. Whatever.
I was just at the vet's office with one of my Great Danes, and he was nearly attacked in the same manner by a small boxer. Because I am not a drama queen, I am not making any broad judgements about boxers over it, or about his owner. The boxer was probably feeling threatened by a dog 4 times his size. I imagine two intact 120 pound dogs would also be threatening to any dog. Grow up, Mr. Lyons.

Posted By: John D. On: 3/21/2017

Title: Definitely a cult

There is no reasoning with pit bull lunatics - they should not be allowed to be in urban or suburban areas - perhaps on farms, away from children. If you own a pit bull and it gets loose and maims someone, you should be locked up for life. Look at the poor girl in this story - - how can this be allowed? Poor child is scarred for life.

Posted By: Sara Levy, Seattle WA On: 3/21/2017

Title: Shamefully misinformed

So what you've done here is taken stories from newspapers and the most atrocious examples of conversations you've supposedly had with "cultists" and made an argument against an entire classification of dogs. Also your story from the park hardly sounds different from the kind of thing that happens with semi regularity among dogs of all different breeds at local dog parks where I live. Sometimes dogs turn on other dogs for reasons that we don't always understand, but it would hardly be fair for me to say that French Bulldogs are bad because one "almost" attacked my pit bull, right? There is also a lot of confirmation bias involved in the pit bull issue, and this story particularly exemplifies it. People who are primed to see pit bulls as dangerous dogs are more likely to interpret their actions as vicious instead of neutral or even positive. My pit bull has been known to make the weirdest noises and pull at his leash when he can't contain his excitement about playing with another dog or person. I suppose it could look scary to someone who firmly believes that everything a pit bull does is motivated by violence, but someone who understands dog behavior wouldn't see it that way. Which is why no animal behaviorists agree with you. Newspaper articles' unverified claims about dogs' breeds are compiled into, the go-to source for breed discrimination defenders, while credible organizations have nothing but evidence that breed does not predict violence and BSL does not make cities safer. The consequences of prosecuting people and dogs for the wrong things are terrible. I've seen videos of cops putting head shots into normal-acting pit bulls that they later said were "charging them." Meanwhile, we are doing very little to combat the types of animal mistreatment that result in dogs becoming violent and dangerous toward humans. I don't know why you felt empowered to write an opinion piece based on an "almost incident" at a park one time and one person's blog, but next time please look around at the variety of actual pit bull owners out there. Pits are one of the most popular breeds in America, and are owned by all types of people. They are also the most likely to be a used, and misinformation like this article do not help in this matter.

Posted By: Debbie Bell On: 3/20/2017

Title: What trait

What trait could be worse if you care about dogs, than deadly dog aggression. Pits are the best at UNPROVOKED PROLONGED DEADLY dog aggression. Proof is the fact that essentially all UK and NA dog fighters all choose pits.

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